I have been with Hughes Pool Service for almost a year now and my pool has never looked more beautiful ! Their service and concern for my complete satisfaction is far beyond any other pool service I have used in the past 7 years...I wish I had found them much sooner! They have become family to me and Maggie (my precious Shih Tzu) and words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude enough.......if you're searching for complete peace of mind with regards to your own little "Oasis", look no further !! Hughes Pool Service is your answer to reliable and excellent pool care and these technicians will never disappoint you.

Judi C/North Port

We have used Hughes Pool Service for approximately twenty years; I guess that tells you how we feel about their service. We recently extended our service agreement by having them check our house weekly while we are up north for the summer. This shows the trust we have in them and if you have a dog as we do they never fail to leave a treat.

Tom Marsh

These guys are super! They always show up and my pool has never looked better! I trust them so well I even leave them a key to my house and they check it weekly to make sure there are no problems inside as well as outside. They even pick up newspapers in the drive and phone books, ect so my home looks like someone is there when we leave for the summer. Outstanding!!!

Maryann G

As a real-estate agent in SW Florida for many many years I am glad to have found this company. I have used them for unbiased, independent pool inspections on my clients behalf. I always count on Hughes for a true-full report on the pool condition, not some glossed over quick look from an inspector who is not a specialist in the swimming pool field.

Pat M

I have used these guys for about 15 years. I owned 2 homes in Port Charlotte and received excellent care. They are the most truthful, honest, and dependable company I have ever dealt with!!

Bob W